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Mushroom-stuffed Pancakes

Image of Mushroom-stuffed Pancakes

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves: 2

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Adapted from: Own recipe

Makes 6 pancakes, enough for 2 people. If you don't keep sourdough starter, just use 150g flour, 75g water, 75g milk. Example cheese sauce recipe.


    For the pancakes:

  • 300 g sourdough starter (100% hydration) or sponge
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 10 g olive oil or melted butter

    For the filling:

  • 600 g mushrooms
  • Thyme, to taste
  • ingredients for cheese sauce

For the pancakes:

  1. Mix the ingredients for the batter together.
  2. Dry-fry six pancakes.

For the filling:

  1. Cook the mushrooms down with some thyme. You may need to do this in two batches.
  2. Mix into the cheese sauce (expert mode: cook the cheese sauce around them).

To combine:

  1. In turn, place each pancake in a baking dish.
  2. Add a generous amount of filling into the corner the pancake
  3. Fold into quarters.
  4. Spread any remaining filling over the pancakes
  5. Optionally, bake at 200C for 10-15 minutes until the sauce on top is bubbling or brown.