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  • April 2022

    Thu, 05 May 2022 18:18:10 GMT

    Quite a Sonic-heavy (particularly Sonic the Comic) month! I also went outside a lot!


    Finding it bizarre that going to the cinema warrants its own header in my journal these days, when the last film I saw before the pandemic hit, Sonic 1, barely got a footnote.

    I didn't quite have continuity of seeing Sonic 2 as the next film in the cinema (the Matrix 4 took that title in December) but at any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed the second film of the series; a lot of my gripes of the first film were addressed and this one really felt like it was for the fans.

    I found a slot at the cinema that was quiet and ended up being one of maybe a dozen in the cinema. I even put on Sonic, Knuckles and Tails themed nail varnish for the occasion!

    Amiga Mini

    I bought the A500 Mini, which seems to essentially be a raspberry pi with custom firmware inside a very good miniature reproduction Amiga case. It also came with a modern version of the Amiga mouse, which I think is my favourite thing about it.

    The selection of games for it is limited, but I bought a copy of Lemmings from eBay which eases my conscience about sideloading Lemmings onto the thing to play later.

    The first Amiga-formatted floppy disks I've held for nearly 30 years.

    At some point I will also stream Amiga Lemmings on my twitch account. I've been streaming Lemmings for the Mega Drive recently and while it's mostly a good reproduction, the lack of a mouse is a problem, especially on some of the Mega Drive-specific levels which seem to need a lot of cursor accuracy.

    Long cycle ride and long walk

    I had a couple of extra days off work over Easter. On one day I took my bike further west along the River Trent than I had before, ending up nearly at Cavendish Bridge before turning around.

    On another day I walked North for a similar amount of time, ending up just outside Trowell. That was a really gorgeous day, and I saw a lot of countryside that I hadn't visited before.

    To my delight, I also walked through an area where I saw thirteen wild rabbits! I think that's the happiest I've been for a long time. They were adorable!


    I did two small bits of fluid art that I took inspiration from the Sonic and Knuckles logo for the colours, though I wasn't really sure what to do with the rest.

    I made the paint a little too thick, so it didn't pour well, and so I used it as an opportunity to practice shaping the paint with a stick too. I'm moderately pleased with the outcome, especially the red/black one.

    I've also provided a panel of digital artwork for Angel's Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated project, which is the first time I've tried to draw any Sonic characters in anger. I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, though I feel I could do with a lot more practice drawing StC style characters (or, honestly, any characters.)

    It's for Running Wild, part 2, page 3, panel 3.

    Kew Gardens visit

    I was in London overnight for A Thing and decided to use my time after arriving to go to Kew Gardens. It was a pleasant day and there were a few beds of tulips out that were really colourful and cheering!

    While I was in London I also got a new jumper from FatFace and some new walking boots from Ellis Brigham, to replace an old pair that were starting to fall apart.


    Finally, I wrote two more Sonic the Comic fanfics: two vignettes in the Super Amy-verse that people seem to be enjoying. They have 35 and 38 views at the time of writing, with five and seven kudos respectively, which is pretty pleasing.

    Stifled Laughs 1 and 2 at AO3

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