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  • December 2021

    Sat, 01 Jan 2022 18:56:14 GMT

    Considering I had to cancel a holiday this month, I managed to get a reasonable amount of other things done, if mostly at home on the sofa.


    I had the last of my six roller skating lessons at the start of the month, and thanks mostly to Samathy and Lex's help, I managed to figure out how to do a basic forward-to-backward transition! I posted a video onto twitter.

    I think I only got to one more open session after that, which was a good chance to practice a bit more, and mostly just enjoy myself (going round in circles hasn't got boring for me yet, hooray!)

    Jab III

    I got my booster jab, just a couple of days less than two weeks before Christmas! The big vaccination centre I went to for my last two wasn't active this time around, so the place I opted for was the odd "Village Hotel" in Attenborough's retail park. The vaccinations took place in a small clinic set up in the basement next to the gym there.

    There was also a Starbucks in the foyer, so I got a hot chocolate on the way out as a treat.


    I cancelled my trip to Svalbard, a decision that was on a knife-edge until literally the last minute, and ultimately I think it was the least worse option at the time, especially since I wasn't boosted yet. More travel restrictions came in while I would've been away too, and I felt lucky I didn't have to deal with trying to find PCR testing facilities in Longyearbyen, if there even are any!

    Feeling like being alone at home with cancelled plans felt a lot like last year's Christmas, and with a visit to my parents still in the balance (in the end, I did go) which would mean I wouldn't get to reprise my new traditions from last year, I decided to celebrate Christmas early; presenting: Kathmas!

    I made cinnamon buns, decorated the house, then on Kathmas day (Friday 10th) I made mushroom tartlets, a roast with sprouts and vegan sausages, and a chocolate cake with a christmas tree iced on top.


    I went what I would have said was embarrassingly all-in on Sonic stuff this month, except I am learning to not be embarrassed by geeky interests!

    I have had a few more streaming sessions on Twitch playing various Sonics (mostly 3&K to work towards filling the cartridge with a complete set of saves), in my new Sonic t-shirt, no less.

    Throughout the year I've been listening through the back issues of Sonic the Comic the Podcast, a very entertaining retrospective on the 1990s UK comic Sonic the Comic which largely passed me by at the time, and I finally caught up in December, allowing me to both engage with the community more and to read ahead with the scans. Happy new year 1996!

    Through StCtP I discovered [profile] angelblessart on Titter, who drew some fanart of a hypothetical StC Super Amy, which just really started some gears turning my head, and I knew I had to write a fanfic about her.

    I ended up with 2200 words that slot in-between panels of an issue of Sonic the Comic, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

    Xena and Cleopatra

    I finished the penultimate season of Xena: Warrior Princess, which I'm still thoroughly enjoying, and watched the entire first season of Cleopatra 2525 which I found surprisingly good (albeit extremely cheesy) considering how much it was slated at the time!

    I liveblogged each episode as I went for reasons I'm not entirely sure of, but I was pretty much the only person on twitter to mention it this month, apart from some actor birthday callouts.

    Wollaton lights

    Christmas at Wollaton was on this month, a set of light installations around Wollaton Gardens near the University of Nottingham, and exactly my sort of thing. I invited Samathy and Lex along too.

    I think the best way to describe this is with a bunch of photos, but overall I really enjoyed it. We had mulled wine, marshmallows toasted over a fire pit, and there was ethereal music playing everywhere.

    Calling all hedgehogs

    Huge reindeer

    Laser garden!

    Star walkway


    An animation projected onto the side of the house

    The way out

    The Matrix Resurrections

    I went to see the Matrix at the cinema on my birthday, after a clever strategy from Lexie had me checking the online booking a half hour before the start time and discovering that fewer than ten other people were booked into the 11:15 showing, the first of the day. It paid off, and I was the only person in the back three rows.

    The film itself was satisfying but nothing particularly special. It felt like a love letter to the original films, and while it had enough new material, I think the new cast and characters let it down a bit, lacking the presence and uniqueness of the original Matrix.

    I did enjoy seeing a lot of the Sense8 cast though!


    (I did not do an AMPDG this month.)

    A writing record

    Edit 2022-01-02: I completely forgot to mention that I wrote a second bit of creative writing in December too: the third part of my hopefully-comedy series Space Croissant that I tend to write an episode of during each 04-in-04 but fell off it earlier this year due to my new job taking my time. I realised after writing the Sonic fic that I had a shot at writing more words than in 2020 if I could manage 900 more, and then had an idea for Space Croissant. And deadlines help, so on the 30th I managed to put the third part up over on [community profile] kapellostories (link) and on Fictionpress.

    Those 1900 words get me to 14,200-odd words of creative writing this year, a comfortable 1000 more than last year, and the most since I completed NaNoWriMo in 2008! I have no idea if I'll manage more in 2022, but it's a nice achievement for now.

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