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  • July 2022

    Sun, 21 Aug 2022 10:16:33 GMT

    July was also a social month, though mostly from work trips and a visit to my parents. (At the work meetups, I had my nails painted, made some cyanotype prints, and tie-dyed a t-shirt!) I also visited Cambridge very briefly with Samathy and Lex to see Samathy playing in her first roller derby away game, and we also all went to see Joe Lycett's act in Nottingham (it was very good). My skating lessons also finished for the summer.

    Roller Derby

    My first time in Cambridge, but I wasn't there to sight-see, as I was accompanying "9975 Warp Jen" Samathy to her first away-game Roller Derby! She was also refereeing in the first of the two games being played that day.

    This is the first time I've seen roller derby being played in person, and it was really fun to watch! I can see the appeal; it was even somewhat less violent than I had pictured, or at least it looked like it from a safe distance!

    I took a long lens camera to see what sort of photos I got from it. Here's a selection of a few.

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