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  • Daily update, Sunday 2020-04-05

    Sun, 05 Apr 2020 19:58:27 GMT

    I woke up super early again today, but kept the sleep dep headache under control until I took a nap before lunch. I've actually ended up having a relaxing day.

    This morning I edited the first story of 04-in-04, and got it online at [community profile] flexography -- an old name, but it's okay, and Dreamwidth charges for username changes. Here it is! It's called Key Worker and while I've had the final scene floating around in my head for possibly years, the premise is very much inspired by the pandemic. I'm wondering whether to make that a running theme this year. Next Write Night is nominally Tuesday; I'll have to brainstorm ideas in the meantime.

    This afternoon I got engrossed in the C++ code for PyNode and basically coded non-stop from about 1400 till 1800. I haven't got into flow with programming (or much else) for a long time and I made some great progress. I also found myself feeling incredibly relaxed afterwards in a way that I just haven't been recently. So even if nobody ends up using the code then I think it's paid off.

    Did yesterday's Instagram embed work for anyone? It wasn't working for me but that might have been the Ghostery extension blocking it. I'll just post a regular link today, since surprise tracking might not be everyone's thing anyway: Instagram; given I spent most of the day programming on the sofa, I decided to take a shot of myself on the sofa, plus one of me in the dress and my hat, wondering if they work together.

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  • Daily update, Saturday 2020-04-04

    Sat, 04 Apr 2020 21:33:30 GMT

    Today felt like it has been quite busy, even though I didn't really start being active until late morning. I mowed the lawn, then spent another half hour or so cutting back the buddlejas that seem to be everywhere in my garden. They're good for butterflies so I'm going to leave some, but I'm not very keen on how they splay out. I miiiight do more gardening tomorrow depending on how much I want the rose bush pruned/removed from the front garden, though my garden waste bin is already full up.

    This afternoon Pandemic Legacy, August I think. We were doing well until everyone died. That game spirals quickly.

    This evening I helped Samathy test her Jitsi instance, had a nice chat with several people. I think I've been more sociable in the last two weeks than I have in the preceding too months! I also started looking at the N-API stuff for Node, and am perhaps getting somewhere, but then the evening ran out.

    Today's instagram pic (let's see if embedding works): gardening outfit, including hat at Ems's request. I attempted some fancy eye makeup later in the day too, but I did such a questionable job at it that photos of that are on request only!

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  • Daily update, Friday 2020-04-03

    Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:28:44 GMT

    The peas I planted have started shooting! I love the moment that plants I've sown as seeds burst through the soil. These peas are particularly for pea shoots, apparently, and I'm wondering what I will put them on. As a garnish I imagine pretty much everything I eat until they run out (which may be just one meal, if I have misjudged the amount to plant!)

    Modifying TrainGame for Discord has hit a snag; the PyNode library for calling Python from Node doesn't support non-primitive types. Having looked through the C++ source I'm reasonably confident I could modify it to wrap arbitrary Python objects and perform actions on them, and perhaps wrap Node objects to allow them to be passed into Python as (semi-)opaque objects if I must; however the entire Python source code is only 500 lines so just porting it to JS might be easier… I guess it depends what mood I end up in. Going hands deep into the Python C API is something I sometimes enjoy.

    I ordered a couple of black skater skirts from Asos today; it'd be nice to have a couple of easy-choice skirts if they work out. My wardrobe is a little light on skirts as I'm sure will start to become obvious if I carry on with posting to Instagram nearly-daily. (I'm also running out of interesting backdrops and poses, I'm going to end up doing headstands in the kitchen or something…). Also coveting a dress from FatFace, but it's out of stock at the moment and I struggle to judge if dresses are going to work on me. I could also do with a new hat. I'm still wondering if the Tilley TH5 hat in light beige would be feminine enough or even work with what's in my wardrobe. It's such a good hat!! If not maybe one of Tilley's other hats??

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