I'm Kathy, and I'm definitely not standing behind you right now.

About me

Oh gosh, don't make me write about myself, I'm terrible at that. Who even put this link in the navigation?

My interests include travelling, playing escape rooms (I have a reviews blog for that), writing this website apparently, plus reading and cooking and the like. I'm probably 39.

I'm a keen Python developer, and I have written a bunch of things that can be found on my GitHub account. I'll also happily write C if the need arises (I used to be paid to do so, even), for instance when submitting patches to BitlBee.

Sometimes I speak at conferences; for example, I've done a lightning talk about NaNoGenMo, a talk at PyCon UK on Cython, and slots at BarCamp London on search engines and democracy.

Other miscellaneous facts about me include that: I live in Nottingham (UK); I run @mps_edits on Twitter if for some reason you want to see which MPs are being edited on Wikipedia; my laptop runs Notion on Debian Linux; and I have visited over 30 countries.

This site was written in Python using Flask, ported from the previous iteration which ran on Python 2 and TurboGears 1 (so that's why it looks like it was designed in the mid-2000s).

Contact details

I can be reached by e-mail at <my first name><at>nivan.net. Beware my spam filters! Please send me messages in plain text (not HTML) if at all possible, since I use Mutt.